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About Us

What Is Planet Shaftesbury?

We are a group, who are passionate about climate change and environmental issues. Together we make up a network of people, with a common interest and a wealth of skills and experience to share.

What are our common goals?

Planet Shaftesbury stands with anyone who cares about our planet.  We all push for change on local initiatives that affect Shaftesbury and our local environment.

Why come to a Planet Shaftesbury Meeting?

The Planet Shaftesbury meetings operate as a central hub. Regular attendance to meetings will help you:

  • meet people with the same interests in the environment 

  • share and shape your ideas or help others to do the same 

  • connect with people who might be able to offer their skills and experience to support you

These meetings could be a great starting point for a new idea, help you build momentum on a current project, or simply be a time for discussion and reflection.

Finding ways of working together is the essence of the Planet Shaftesbury Network.  Doing so will:

  • make your voice louder                                         

  • your actions more significant                                                Click here to find out more about climate change and biodiversity

  • your impact greater                                                               Why not check out out Get Involved Page

How it all began

Planet Shaftesbury formed over winter 2018/19, after the idea for an umbrella environmental and climate concerns group came about in the previous autumn. Following a very well attended talk in Shaftesbury Friends Meeting House from Extinction Rebellion (XR), it was clear that local people had concerns about the climate and ecological crisis. Not everyone felt drawn to the type of action that XR were planning, be that because travelling to London wasn’t feasible, or because they didn’t feel like XRs use of non-violent civil disobedience to highlight demands on the government were right for them. So while the Shaftesbury Extinction Rebellion group formed and started joining in actions aiming for climate justice, Planet Shaftesbury formed alongside to support people wanting to respond to their concern by encouraging positive changes locally. The two groups are now highly interlinked, with the XR group forming the direct action branch of the Planet Shaftesbury network. Planet Shaftesbury has regular meetings and aims to promote local environmental work and facilitate the beginnings of new initiatives.


Planet Shaftesbury has a flat organisation style with minimal structure within which circles of people can work together on areas of common interest. We started with just a few guiding principles:

  • help others to join in

  • demonstrate mutual respect

  • enjoy yourself

  • set realistic goals for what's achievable in short/medium/long term

We have subsequently referred to the principles and values of Extinction Rebellion because that was the starting point. We have added and combined as appropriate, with discussion in some of the earlier meetings see blog post here. This developmental process is continuing.