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Updates on Shaftesbury Lidl from Richard Thomas

Thanks to Richard Thomas for this entry:

In response to local pressure Lidl has just announced it is not only altering its plans for its new supermarket on the old cattle market site in Shaftesbury to include solar panels on the roof but will also now include two electric vehicle (EV) charging points in the car park. People power works!

But it isn't yet clear when the store will be built. Lidl has yet to apply to Dorset Council for full planning permission and is still in discussions with the council about wanting to widen Christy's Lane - the A350/A30 - to include a feeder lane into the store and the removal of some of the beech trees lining the road that groups such as Shaftesbury Tree Group are unhappy about. Rumours on social media that Lidl is pulling out of the deal and that it is considering an alternative plan for the site have been emphatically denied by the company.

As Richard says, there is concern about the plans to widen Christy's Lane for this as it means removal of trees. Shaftesbury Tree Group are currently working on a Town Tree Plan and are looking for feedback from the local community - you can read more and comment your suggestions on the soon-to-follow blog post about this.

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At the meeting with Simon Hoare in Sturminster on Wednesday, Ray Bryan from Dorset Council said that for every tree removed by developers, three trees must be planted as replacements. We know, however, that this is not the same thing as retaining existing mature trees.

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