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2021 - July: Feeling wary? - what to expect at our indoor meetings; Not too late for Dorset's environment; Dorset's Climate Action Network; Get involved this summer & more

2021 - June: Opening up brings opportunities to get involved: support nature-friendly Shaftesbury, connect with more people; Inspiring events in June/July; Where are we with Plastics? and more

2021 - May: Dorset Art Weeks & global challenges; Equipment & help wanted; Get involved in trees celebration; Nurture hedgehogs, bees & wild flower verges; Dorset CAN campaigns & more

2021 - April: New cycle routes progress; Shaftesbury's bees; Spring time concerns; Opportunities for outreach; Dorset climate action network update; and more

2021 - March: Boosting local bio-diversity & tackling climate change; Recycle plastic waste; Inspiring bee-friendly Shaftesbury; Welcome a sustainable future; and more

2021 - February: Being increasingly nature-friendly; Effective lobbying; News in brief; Giving Dorset a view from Shaftesbury; and more

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