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Monthly Newsletters

Catch up with our monthly newsletters here.

Newsletters are sent to people who've added their email address to our list of subscribers through the website. Occasionally things go wrong: emails can be bounced or messages incorrectly identified as spam.

Just follow the link for the relevant month:

2024 - A change of pace (May 15th)

2024 - New councils, new opportunities & more (April 30th)

2024 - Hustings & other news (April 11th)

2024 - News & diary dates (Mar 24th)

2024 - Latest news on Sustainable Shaftesbury (Mar 2nd)

2024 - Latest news & events (Feb 18th)

2024 - Latest news & events (Jan 30th)

2024 - January News & events

2023 - December: Stop Press (decision time for Sustainable Shaftesbury Plan), and news in brief

2023 - November: News Extra with Diary Dates

2023 - October: Planet Shaftesbury meetings this month & next; Sustainable Shaftesbury - progress of the plan; Dorset-wide initiatives on hedgerows & greener homes ... & more

2023 - September: Dorset's COP achievement; Sustainable Fashion Week; Explore local Community Energy possibilities; forthcoming events and more from across our network

2023 - August update: Events and opportunities that won't wait till September's newsletter...

2023 - Summer: Inspiration from Take the Jump; Summer activities & plans; Dorset COP; Exciting local food projects; Shaftesbury Orchard Town & more

2023 - July: Encouraging lifestyle changes; Supporting our network; Local food topics; GBGW 'thank you's; Participate in Dorset's COP; Open greener homes 2023 and more

2023 - June: This newsletter is earlier in the month than usual so that you can plan ahead for Great Big Green Week (10-18th June). But first, other news ...

2023 - May: Spotlight on film nights, local food, children, river water quality, and action in the face of climate change; Plans for Great Big Green Week; Abundance of spring news

2023 - April: Join The Big One at Westminster; Making a difference - Planet Shaftesbury mtg 20th April (NOT March!); People's Plan for Nature; Fresh shoots - local initiatives & more

2023 - March: Hear about the plan for Sustainable Shaftesbury; Nature on our doorstep; Hedgehogs; Great Big Green Week; Community Farm news; The Big One & more

2023 - February: Help for Warmth and other February events; Join tree & hedgerow planting sessions; Talk: place, protest & belonging; Great Big Green Week and more

2023 - January: Looking ahead: meetings in January & February; tree & hedgerow planting; collaboration with Shaftesbury Town Council and Shaftesbury School; and more

2022 - December: Thinking global; forthcoming local activities; tree & hedgerow planting this winter; working with Shaftesbury Town Council; updates from Dorset CAN; and more

2022 - November: Appreciating trees and hedges with illustrated talks, a guided walk, and seasonal planting opportunities; spread the word on sustainable living; and much more

2022 - October: Opportunities to encourage further change following our autumn events; support Shaftesbury School; events with a tree and hedgerow focus; other news in brief

2022 - September: Bumper harvest of events - more support for 'Choosing our future'; invitation to share environmental expertise with Shaftesbury Town Council; trees, hedgerows

2022 - August: Our events scheduled for September and October; invitations to collaborate with Shaftesbury Town Council and the Great Big Dorset Hedge project; other news in brief

2022 - July: Shaftesbury 2030 - following up the event held in May; Shaftesbury School studies the Future; Other news in brief

2022 - June: Planetary Boundaries; Choosing to build momentum for change - what can you do this summer? ... and more

2022 - May: Not just one Great Big Dorset Hedge; Two Events at Shaftesbury School; Youth conference; What do people want to talk about?; Supporting local wildlife ... & more

2022 - April: Shaftesbury 2030 - the BIG conversation; Boosting biodiversity; Food & farming; Well-being; Home that supports a more sustainable lifestyle? ... & more

2022 - March: Inspiring report from Zero Carbon Dorset; Shaftesbury School events; Repair & reuse; Local food production; Earth Hope ... & more

2022 - February: Launching conversations about Shaftesbury 2030; Meeting again; Farming futures; Dorset & beyond ... & more

2022 - January: 2 newsletters this month

ii) Sustainable development events at Shaftesbury School; Land-based opportunities; Trees & hedgerows; Planet Shaftesbury shapes up ... & more

i) Outline plans & forthcoming meetings (Jan 8th)

2021 - December: Dorset needs a better Local Plan; Tree planting; STEAM at Shaftesbury School; Our preparations for 2022 ... & a request

2021 - November: Planet Shaftesbury & COP26, what next? Local nature recovery strategies; New tree-planting season; Reading the Land book festival; Engage with Local Plan ... & more

2021 - October: Shaftesbury hedgehog news; Tree planting & care ... or not; Shaftesbury & COP26; A presence in the town? Other news & requests

2021 - September: Celebrating our trees and preparing to plant more; Greener homes open to visitors; Hedgehogs need our help; Engaging with climate change & COP26 & more ...

2021 - August: Responding to the 'Code RED for humanity'; Hedgehog-friendly news; In-person meetings; Local nature network; Great Big Tree Festival & more

2021 - July: Feeling wary? - what to expect at our indoor meetings; Not too late for Dorset's environment; Dorset's Climate Action Network; Get involved this summer & more

2021 - June: Opening up brings opportunities to get involved: support nature-friendly Shaftesbury, connect with more people; Inspiring events in June/July; Where are we with Plastics? and more

2021 - May: Dorset Art Weeks & global challenges; Equipment & help wanted; Get involved in trees celebration; Nurture hedgehogs, bees & wild flower verges; Dorset CAN campaigns & more

2021 - April: New cycle routes progress; Shaftesbury's bees; Spring time concerns; Opportunities for outreach; Dorset climate action network update; and more

2021 - March: Boosting local bio-diversity & tackling climate change; Recycle plastic waste; Inspiring bee-friendly Shaftesbury; Welcome a sustainable future; and more

2021 - February: Being increasingly nature-friendly; Effective lobbying; News in brief; Giving Dorset a view from Shaftesbury; and more

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