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Monthly Newsletters

Updated: Jun 2

Catch up with our monthly newsletters here.

Newsletters are sent to people who've added their email address to our list of subscribers through the website. Occasionally things go wrong: emails can be bounced or messages incorrectly identified as spam.

Just follow the link for the relevant month:

2023 - June: This newsletter is earlier in the month than usual so that you can plan ahead for Great Big Green Week (10-18th June). But first, other news ...

2023 - May: Spotlight on film nights, local food, children, river water quality, and action in the face of climate change; Plans for Great Big Green Week; Abundance of spring news

2023 - April: Join The Big One at Westminster; Making a difference - Planet Shaftesbury mtg 20th April (NOT March!); People's Plan for Nature; Fresh shoots - local initiatives & more

2023 - March: Hear about the plan for Sustainable Shaftesbury; Nature on our doorstep; Hedgehogs; Great Big Green Week; Community Farm news; The Big One & more

2023 - February: Help for Warmth and other February events; Join tree & hedgerow planting sessions; Talk: place, protest & belonging; Great Big Green Week and more

2023 - January: Looking ahead: meetings in January & February; tree & hedgerow planting; collaboration with Shaftesbury Town Council and Shaftesbury School; and more

2022 - December: Thinking global; forthcoming local activities; tree & hedgerow planting this winter; working with Shaftesbury Town Council; updates from Dorset CAN; and more

2022 - November: Appreciating trees and hedges with illustrated talks, a guided walk, and seasonal planting opportunities; spread the word on sustainable living; and much more

2022 - October: Opportunities to encourage further change following our autumn events; support Shaftesbury School; events with a tree and hedgerow focus; other news in brief

2022 - September: Bumper harvest of events - more support for 'Choosing our future'; invitation to share environmental expertise with Shaftesbury Town Council; trees, hedgerows

2022 - August: Our events scheduled for September and October; invitations to collaborate with Shaftesbury Town Council and the Great Big Dorset Hedge project; other news in brief

2022 - July: Shaftesbury 2030 - following up the event held in May; Shaftesbury School studies the Future; Other news in brief

2022 - June: Planetary Boundaries; Choosing to build momentum for change - what can you do this summer? ... and more

2022 - May: Not just one Great Big Dorset Hedge; Two Events at Shaftesbury School; Youth conference; What do people want to talk about?; Supporting local wildlife ... & more

2022 - April: Shaftesbury 2030 - the BIG conversation; Boosting biodiversity; Food & farming; Well-being; Home that supports a more sustainable lifestyle? ... & more

2022 - March: Inspiring report from Zero Carbon Dorset; Shaftesbury School events; Repair & reuse; Local food production; Earth Hope ... & more

2022 - February: Launching conversations about Shaftesbury 2030; Meeting again; Farming futures; Dorset & beyond ... & more

2022 - January: 2 newsletters this month

ii) Sustainable development events at Shaftesbury School; Land-based opportunities; Trees & hedgerows; Planet Shaftesbury shapes up ... & more

i) Outline plans & forthcoming meetings (Jan 8th)

2021 - December: Dorset needs a better Local Plan; Tree planting; STEAM at Shaftesbury School; Our preparations for 2022 ... & a request

2021 - November: Planet Shaftesbury & COP26, what next? Local nature recovery strategies; New tree-planting season; Reading the Land book festival; Engage with Local Plan ... & more

2021 - October: Shaftesbury hedgehog news; Tree planting & care ... or not; Shaftesbury & COP26; A presence in the town? Other news & requests

2021 - September: Celebrating our trees and preparing to plant more; Greener homes open to visitors; Hedgehogs need our help; Engaging with climate change & COP26 & more ...

2021 - August: Responding to the 'Code RED for humanity'; Hedgehog-friendly news; In-person meetings; Local nature network; Great Big Tree Festival & more

2021 - July: Feeling wary? - what to expect at our indoor meetings; Not too late for Dorset's environment; Dorset's Climate Action Network; Get involved this summer & more

2021 - June: Opening up brings opportunities to get involved: support nature-friendly Shaftesbury, connect with more people; Inspiring events in June/July; Where are we with Plastics? and more