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Thanks to Phyllis Wolff for this link to a page that deals with aspects of what Extinction Rebellion refer to as 'regenerative culture'. It's very likely that all of us at times feel a sense of despair and helplessness, despite even the positive nature of being involved in Planet Shaftesbury! It's not an XR document, though, it's from a US based organisation called 'The Climate Reality Project' - about whom you can find out more if you follow the links from the page you'll reach if you go to:

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Lady Ellah
Lady Ellah
Mar 27, 2019

Thankyou for sharing this link. For myself, the only reason I feel pessimism is realising the lack of courage in the climate change lobby.

There is a continued public denial, of the primary source of destruction being the animal agriculture industries, due to compromising that truth for the benefit of the money-mogul 'farming' supporters of 'climate change' prevention.

Not easy to realise. This kind of pandering to the corporations is the kind of human failing which is bringing on our extinction.

The beings who are suffering the most in this broken world are the animals and therefore I will be a voice for them, as you would wish someone speak up for you if you ever are being tortured in…

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