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Plastics Free Shaftesbury – Waste Management Talk, 13-3-20.

Our thanks to Marten Gregory, team leader for the Recycling Team at Dorset Council, for his presentation at the Town Hall last Thursday evening. Around 60 as-yet-non-socially-isolating people attended and provided a lively question and answer session following the talk. If you were not able to get there, you can pick up a large amount of what he had to say by following this link to This Is Alfred for an interview he gave some days before the talk.

Another useful link emerging from the talk was to the Dorset Re-Use Directory, which shows places across the county where a vast range of waste items (from bottle-caps to loppers to zips) will be welcomed:

Following the talk, those attending had an opportunity to circulate amongst display tables showcasing Coconut and Cotton, Plastics Free Shaftesbury and Trudy’s ‘Waste Diary’. Planet Shaftesbury presented its new leaflet (now downloadable from this website).

Thanks, as ever, to Pat and Arthur for providing teas and coffees.

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