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Planet Shaftesbury – 21 Feb, 2019

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

The third meeting of Planet Shaftesbury began with brief spoken contributions from those present – with a view to giving newcomers and those who had missed the last meeting an idea of any activities that were already under way and/or any information strictly relevant to the organisation’s aims. We are still some way from fully forming the various groups which will take on the challenge presented by the climate/biodiversity crisis in our locale, but it became clear that useful steps have been or are going to be taken.

Here’s a summary of the responses I noted, with apologies to anyone whose input I missed.

  • The Town Council’s ‘Community Ecology Competition’ was mentioned as a potentially useful opening for activity. This is still in development, further details can be found at - scroll to page 7.

  • July’s Marnhull Flower Show to be on theme of Climate Change, PS is invited to have a stall there.

  • Contact made with Shaftesbury In Bloom and issues regarding use of plastic pots and choice of ‘pollinator friendly’ planting discussed.

  • The waste group have considered a number of further steps (see blog entry from Julia Markus: ) but will need a boost to their numbers to continue with these undertakings.

  • April date for a talk on fracking and alternative energy strategies by Charles Miller to be confirmed. (And a reminder that there are plans afoot for fracking here in Dorset.)

  • Next full meeting (21st March) may include a vegan shared buffet – if so, early start time and further details to be announced.

  • The website/communications group announced progress: website now includes blogs and forum (sign in on website to get access); people’s responses were invited for potential logo designs.

  • A member of the transport group has contributed proposals to Town Council / Neighbourhood Plan regarding cycle path routes in the town and connecting local areas.

  • A suggestion made to lobby potential members of the forthcoming Dorset County Council to declare a Climate Emergency in Dorset.

  • A reminder that Extinction Rebellion action will be happening across the country to occur this April – time for those interested to start planning our participation.

  • Forthcoming ‘This Is Alfred’ community radio station has invited ongoing contributions from PS.

  • Town Council will consider supporting PS at meeting on 26 Feb.

The meeting then broke up into smaller groups to discuss ongoing and forthcoming projects.

As this was my cue to be inducted into blogging for PS I was not able to pick up more than the occasional gist of what was then discussed. There is an open invitation to anyone participating in the various discussions to email with any resulting proposals or plans so that we can put them on the blog and give others the chance to chip in.

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Lady Ellah
Lady Ellah
Mar 07, 2019

The prime cause of climate change, and the resultant looming global catastrophe is clearly the animal agriculture industries. I am therefore interested in fully incorporating the work of Animal Liberation into this group.

I already have a placard to use soon - 'Animal Liberation - Extinction Rebellion'.


Feb 25, 2019

how many people were there? about 50?

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