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Planet Shaftesbury 20-2-20

A more than usual amount of information sharing, this time, amongst the 25>30 or so of us who met – including visitors from Wimborne/Corfe Mullen, Blandford, Hindon and Tisbury.

  • Re: Puddletown Oil Drilling opposition, help is required to distribute leaflets in Puddletown itself. If you’ve time and inclination, contact Karen Wimhurst via Planet Shaftesbury.

  • Following discussion at our December meeting, the ‘Meat Free Mondays’ initiative is moving forward, with a letter drafted to go to local schools, hospitals etc. and contacts being made. Contact Annie Wood (via PS again) with feedback, ideas etc.

  • Lucy (Coconut & Cotton) working to get Plastic Free Shaftesbury’s certification completed. More ‘community allies’ required. Also organising a Shaftesbury session for the ‘mass unwrap’ going on country-wide next week. Subject to confirmation, go to Tesco on Sunday 1st March between 1 & 2pm – but please check beforehand, we will try to get definite news of it posted on the website.

  • For those looking to buy nuts etc. loose, not pre-packaged, we were told Ansty PYO now does them. Also the new Abbots greengrocers.

  • The Tree Group are still looking for help with Shaftesbury Tree Planting project – need people not only to plant trees but to take care of them as they grow. Contact Sue Clifford via PS.

  • For those using water filters and unsure where to recycle them, Diana Harris is offering to take them on a fairly regular basis to a collection point in Sturminster – contact via PS.

  • XR protest action in Trowbridge Tuesday 25th, with regard to Wiltshire County Council’s declaration of a Climate Emergency one year ago and lack of consistent action since. Contact Richard Ecclestone via PS for more details.

  • Fair Trade Shaftesbury annual event at Friends Meeting House, Sat March 21st, 2-4pm.

  • Ken Huggins informed us of People’s Assemblies in Dorchester, Weymouth and Portland aimed at coming up with ideas – as requested by Dorset Council – on Climate Emergency related action. They’ve had 700 responses so far on the website.

  • Pam Rosling showed us a copy of Sustainable Dorset’s ‘Dorset Green Living Guide’, newly revised. More info on the guide and the project itself can be found at:

  • John vanBreda told us of formation of ‘Planet Wimborne’, to operate on a similar basis to PS, website on the way.

  • Tian (?) from Hindon told us of a Repair Café being set up in Tisbury, and of a tree planting initiative taking place there.

  • The first cycle route of the ‘Cycle Friendly Shaftesbury’ project is moving ahead, with approval from Dorset Council Safety Officers.

  • Shaftesbury Neighbourhood Plan is now with Dorset Council for consultation. To find out more about this and how you can be involved go to:

  • Those interested in identifying as XR members who have had difficulty doing so on the website, look for info to follow in future PS newsletter.

  • Numerous PS organised talks over next 2 or 3 months, keep an eye on the PS events page for dates and details and come along if you can.

  • Date TBA, but Shaftesbury event to celebrate return of Swifts planned for late May.

  • After the recent group meeting to feedback to XR on future strategy, a similar meeting proposed for PS and its future strategy. Interested? Contact Rachel via PS.

  • If you’re interested in discussion as to how Dorset can achieve carbon neutrality, a ‘Zero Carbon Dorset’ day is offered at Bournemouth University on 20th March. Booking and details at:

  • Abbey Primary School has signed up to become plastics free. We wish them well.

The meeting then separated into groups to discuss ‘options for Planet Shaftesbury', our achievements so far and the work ahead of us – as outlined for us on sheets prepared by Rachel.

  • Outreach. This group looked in more depth at the Dorset Green Living Guide, with a view to finding more effective ways to communicate with those whose awareness of the implications of climate emergency are limited or non-existent. Agreed that the principle of partnering positive action with information was important. On a less idealistic basis, the DGLG also gives examples of how people can save money themselves through adopting green practices, and hopefully develop a broader outlook in the process. Useful advice available at: Speakers are available from this organisation, but cost prevents us from inviting one to Shaftesbury. However, due to a local connection, there will be a speaker from CO at a meeting in Wimborne on 23rd May. More details to come.

  • Designing a Stall. It was suggested by this group that the primary purpose of a stall should be to attract people with the aid of a strong visual display, they can then be given information as they approach. A recent stall set up by activists in Salisbury with demo models etc. was cited as an inspiration. Weather proofing and sturdiness of structure were also considered. More research needed, which Richard E. has agreed to undertake.

  • Engagement with Nature. It was agreed to support and suggest further targets for the current Town Council initiatives. The aim would be to encourage members of the public to participate in this by observing what grows naturally in their locations (on grass verges etc.), creating a map and feeding this information back to the Council to inform their choices. The taking of photographs would be an easy and helpful way to facilitate this.

  • Plastics Free. The initiative mentioned in the notes above was discussed and developed. When details of the proposed action on Sunday March 1st are finalised, they will be included in the next PS newsletter and on This Is Alfred.

  • Working More Closely with Young People/Schools. A suggestion was made that the PS website opens a new page: ‘What’s happening in our schools’ – with a regularly updated round-up of eco-related activities and policies undertaken. A summary of what is already known to be produced and contacts made with schools where this is as yet an unknown quantity.

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