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Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show, 18/19-8

Struggling to complete the construction of our gazebo in strong winds, an intrepid team from Planet Shaftesbury, Greener Gillingham and Hawkers Farm eventually succeeded in making it all ready for the start of the show next day. (Top photo shows part of the environment-friendly 'wishing tree' in immediate foreground and green household items table just behind). Here's how the gazebo looked on the Thursday morning, before the crowds arrived...

The 'Climate Challenge Wheel' (to left of picture), and upcycled clothing were among the attractions. As was the interesting personage seen below cheerfully presenting a box of terracycle-able materials, whilst reclining next to the 'bee-bomb'-making table.

Picture below shows some of the more recognisably human members of the Thursday team engaged in conversation with North Dorset MP, Simon Hoare. Climate change is coming to a place near him, they doubtless reminded him, what was he going to do about it?

Here's a couple more shots of what he would have seen, had he spent some time within the gazebo...

Or he could have joined the kids for whom the Climate Challenge Wheel provided one of our more immediate attractions. But could we be accused of peddling spin?

Thanks to all who helped out: John, Christina, Fiona, Linda, Karen, Jenny, Helen, Amy, Gabriel, Rachel, Beth & Lucy. A shout-out to our friends at Hidden Pizza for table, benches and delicious freebies. And another one to Phyllis, as ever, for her wonderful banners. I can't really thank myself, but for one day I was there too, taking photos like this one below.

Thanks to Rachel & Christina also for photos.

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1 Comment

Mandy Greenwood
Mandy Greenwood
Aug 31, 2021

This looks wonderful, even if some notable person didn't want to see anything new. Well done; what a lot of work but how better to use your energy and skills?

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