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Climate Change - The Technological Response

Thanks to Arthur for bringing this to our attention. It's the blurb for a talk given at Messums in Tisbury on 3rd March. It's quite lengthy and somewhat laden with jargon, but may be of interest to people involved with Planet Shaftesbury. Here are some short extracts, followed by a link to the document for anyone who would like to read it in full.

'Against a backdrop of a generation instinctively calling for more immediate action on climate, what role can technology play and how we avoid prescribing a medicine worse than the disease? '

'Mainstream analysts produce linear forecasts based on mechanistic and siloed methodology that does not account for the complex, adaptive systems of the economy and society. As a result they routinely underestimate improvements in the cost and capabilities of technologies, the speed of their adoption, and the rapid speed of collapse of incumbents, and the broader implications of disruption.'

Sections follow on Energy, Food and Agriculture and Transportation. Here's the link:

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