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25-6-20 Build Back Better demonstration, Gold Hill

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

‘Build Back Better’ campaign events took place across the country on this day, to coincide with the Annual Report to the UK government by the Committee on Climate Change. For information on the report, go to

Under the circumstances with regard to Lockdown restrictions, the action in Shaftesbury had to be small and carefully socially distanced. Half a dozen of us agreed to participate in a small parade up Gold Hill, referencing the iconic Hovis ad with bicycles, flat caps and loaves of bread in addition to our PS and XR banners. Those of us who participated are aware that some supporters who would have liked to take part did not receive notification. Apologies for this, but we hope that the requirement to keep numbers low will be understood. Since, as with our last Gold Hill event, there were few people around to witness our action, it was designed primarily for social media presentation. A short video – now made – including voiceovers and visuals on the ‘Build Back Better’ theme along with footage of the action is now posted on the Planet Shaftesbury website Extinction Rebellion page, which can be found under the 'Projects' tab. Check it out!

An interview with Richard Ecclestone about the action can be heard on This Is Alfred at

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