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10 ways permaculture can help tackle the rising cost of living

In this post I'm sharing an article from the Permaculture Association's latest newsletter - this is a different perspective on the website suggestions for 'What Can I Do?. It left me with a smile on my face!

With inflation at its highest for 30 years, mortgage rates rising, fuel prices through the roof, and average wages seeing a real term cut, 2023 looks like being a tough year. So to start the New Year we’ve pulled together a few top tips from that not only help tackle climate change but will also save you a lot of money.

One of the biggest pressures on household budgets is heating. Simple steps can significantly reduce the amount you spend. 1. Warm Your Home Efficiently suggests 6 behaviour changes that cost nothing, 6 household improvements that will pay back in less than 2 years, and 6 bigger structural investments that save in the long term. Each of these, from moving the furniture to blocking draughts, will reduce the cost of keeping you warm and snug through the winter.

The cost of electricity has also risen, making it more expensive to run our devices and appliances.