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Feb 21

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Hi all, this came in on the PSContent email a couple of days back:

Hello Friends,I'm afraid I can't make it to this meeting coming up on Thursday, but would like to suggest that some of us lobby Tesco's for an electric car charger at the filling station. I checked, and Shaftesbury doesn't have one - the nearest are Gillingham and one of the Deverills near Warminster. I have already sent feedback to their Customer Services online, requesting this, and it would be great if people could also lobby for it in the name of Planet Shaftesbury. Anything we can do to facilitate cleaner energy must be a good thing. I can't at the moment afford an electric car, but it's the coming thing, and it can only help Tesco's profile if they do this for us and for other filling stations around the country. Many thanks Mary Ridgewell

Good idea for Planet Shaftesbury! I've also taken the liberty of forwarding Mary's message to the people working on the transport aspects of Shaftesbury's neighbourhood plan.

Hi, and apologies I haven't been able to attend a meeting since the first one. So it's great to have this forum. First, I'd certainly support ER activities in Shaftesbury, unfortunately the next week of action falls in our Easter hols. I'd also be interested to know where conversations in food have got to, if anyone can feed back. And some may be interested in Earth Hour on 30th March:

Hi @Lucy Young,


Thank you for your comment! I will try and get more information to feed back to you in regards to the food team and where they have got to with projects so far.


We will be adding more and more content about specific projects as we go on! Our blog page will be the best place to find all this information. We hope to have more blogs added soon with project updates. Also, what a fantastic idea. We will definitely promote this "Earth Hour" day! Thank you very much for sharing this.


Many thanks,


Here is the poem I promised you.




"But that was in the days

when we had butterflies"

said the grandmother in

the TV play "Years after Years"

set in the future. I cried.


Part of me died when I heard

those words, and still they go

round and round in my head.

That night in bed I wondered

how many more insects, birds

and animals would become

extinct in my lifetime.


What have we done? We had

so much; an abundant earth

with water, sun and the fresh

green beauty of grasses, plants

and trees. We must act now.

It is our duty.



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