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Oct 22

Hi all I am a new member and my name is Richard Ellis.


I am helping to organise a meeting with Ed Davey at 6pm on November 2nd at The Exchange in Sturminster Newton on the environment, climate breakdown and decarbonising the world. As you will know Ed was Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change of the United Kingdom in the Cameron/Clegg government and is now Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats so is well placed to offer insight into this crucial and interesting subject and we are keen to encourage as many people as possible to attend as its a great platform to get a simpatico view as to how Westminster is addressing this most crucial of issues.

Please find the flyer for the event and I would be very grateful if you can let people know the meeting is happening so as many interested parties as possible are aware of it and we’d love to see them at the event.

Could you let me know if this is of interest, many thanks and warmest regards - Richard.


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  • Hi All, Some of you may have noticed a recent refresh of the website design which hopefully makes things a little clearer and easier to read. We have also recently added a new "Further Reading" page. This contains many links to key reports and articles on Climate Change and Biodiversity loss. This is a great place to start if you want to learn more on these subjects. You can access the new page straight off the menu above - its under the "Find Out More" heading or just click here
  • Simon Hoare, North Dorset's Conservative MP until the dissolution of Parliament, replied to my request for his views on the climate emergency by saying: 'As I don’t know what the questions will be [at the 21 November hustings] I’m obviously not sure what my answers will be.' But he said he was prepared to give the following what he called 'a top line flavour' of his views: 'My main thrust will be: energy efficient building regulations, use of economic instruments to nudge behaviours, positioning 2050 as an end date not a target, and finally supporting initiatives to make our sophisticated lives more sustainable/less impactful.' So that's a full house: all four North Dorset Parliamentary candidates' views on the climate emergency are now on this Forum. Pin 'em down on 21 November!
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