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Jul 19

5G Technology


Glastonbury (Frome as well?) has resisted 5G technology for their town on health grounds; there are also rumours of trees having to be cut down to accommodate the technology although some of these have been debunked. Is this an issue which Planet Shaftesbury people would be interested in pursuing?

Yes we must pursue this at all costs. 5G is a serious health risk. It is used by the military. Miniature masts have to be put up every 100 metres, because the seriously high microwaves can only travel short distances, so one could be put up next to your home or worse still your school. They have been taken down near schools in the USA because of children going ill.

I have given Shaftesbury Council lots of info on 5G in the hope they will stop it coming to Shaftesbury.

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There seem to be a number of 'national infrastructure' projects that need to be re-thought as we collectively move away from 'pursuit of progress' or 'business as usual' and become more aware of past tendencies to overlook unintended consequences. I'm wondering if there are films or speakers we could be arranging to bring to Shaftesbury to heighten awareness of the different ways of thinking that are now called for and other life choices we could make? Anyone feel like taking this forward?

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