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Collaboration with Shaftesbury School

Working with the school for the benefit of students and the town’s community


This project page was established in January 2022 to support collaboration with the school. An early attempt to connect with Alex More stalled prior to the pandemic but 2022 brought a more successful link up. Alex More, then Lead Teacher of Innovation in Teaching and Learning at Shaftesbury School was keen to access people across the Planet Shaftesbury network who could share expertise with students; this came at a time when interaction in groups of people needed to take account of the circulation of Covid19 variants and  Planet Shaftesbury was keen to have occasional use of the school’s large hall(s) for public events. With this high motivation on both sides there were other possibilities for productive collaboration.  

Planet Shaftesbury Contact PersonKaren Wimhurst

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Project Scope:  

Collaboration could extend over any aspect of the curriculum, or extra-curricular activity, that supports the building of individual or community resilience in the face of the crises affecting Earth’s climate and nature. Here are some possibilities.  If you’d like to add your name and special interest to this project webpage please email

  • The school has its own tree planting programme and has used advice from members of Shaftesbury Tree Group

  • The school runs an award-winning STEAM programme (integrating science, technology, engineering, art & maths) and some of us have connected with student projects.

  • The school has an innovative, technology-enabled, Future Classroom that can be used for a public event by arrangement – see details here

  • Spaces that may be used for public events – with their capacity noted - could include the 6th form centre (can hold 120), main hall (180), and breakout spaces such as future classroom 30-40 seated. The school has 86 classrooms in total.

  • The school has hosted county-wide student events (separate sessions for primary and secondary) with a sustainability focus which Planet Shaftesbury has supported in various ways.

  • The school hosted free of charge and promoted to students and parents a major event in 2022 - see separate project Shaftesbury 2030 choosing our future

  • The school invites participation from Planet Shaftesbury to support activities such as career days, TEDx Youth events, and the Youth Council.

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