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Recycle IT

This project was established during the pandemic to secure additional IT equipment for children who may otherwise be excluded from learning activities. We have contacted Shaftesbury's two primary schools and the high school. At the current time only Shaftesbury CE Primary School on Wincombe Lane is inviting direct donations and their INSPIRE recycle project is described below. Any additional call-outs for equipment will be added to this page as they arise.

Paul Lavis, head teacher, told Planet Shaftesbury that the pandemic has led Shaftesbury CE Primary School to review their learning activities and they expect this project to continue, a legacy of the pandemic and a valuable part of the 'Hybrid Curriculum' approach. In future, learning can be on site, off site, on paper, on IT, VR, AR, just normal reality etc. The sustainable 'recycling' of local equipment makes sense beyond the pandemic.


Townspeople with spare, functional IT equipment: laptops (preferably less than 5yrs old), tablets (ideally less than 3 yrs old), etc , are invited to donate them to the school where they'll be 'washed', wiped and then converted for school use by their own IT staff.  People wishing to donate can safely drop the equipment off at the school by arrangement - call 01747 852901 so that a table can be left outside by the front entrance.

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