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Shaftesbury Homegrown is a community group who grow food seasonally as naturally and sustainably as we can. At our 4-acre field on the edge of town a changing group of volunteers have shared farm tasks, learned new skills and enjoyed good company for more than 10 years.


During the Covid 19 pandemic, with the majority of volunteers needing to practice ‘social distancing’, whilst on the farm we’re all keeping 2m apart. (We make an exception for people who live together!) At the same time, we’ve appreciated the outdoor activity and social side of collaboration. We set out to grow as much food as possible this year and introduced an extra working session. We are also experimenting with the ‘no-dig’ approach.


Summer 2020 has given us an abundant harvest of fruit, vegetables, and safe fun. Many of us have described our involvement as ‘a life saver’ and this one of the things our chair, Helen English, spoke about when interviewed for This is Alfred. Hear her on the 27th August podcast at 17:06.


We’re open to new members who want to grow food with like-minded people. Members get a discount (proportional to the hours worked) on seasonal produce. 


We work on any or all of Wednesday, Friday and Sunday mornings from 10am - 1pm

If you would like to join us, or just want to visit to see if you’d like to join us, then please call or email first:


Helen 07789845498 or email:

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