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Great Big Green Week (GBGW) 2023

Great Big Green Week on   10 - 18th June 2023  


This is the third year of Great Big Green Week (GBGW). Organised by the Climate Coalition, the week is a celebration of community action to tackle climate change and protect nature. 

In 2021 Shaftesbury celebrated GBGW with a Tree Festival. In 2022 we offered an 'Autumn Programme', varied activities that were the subject of a blogpost (Richard Foreman, 17th October). These included a display 'What can I do - and save the planet too?' that acknowledged the cost of living crisis and remains on this website What can I do. In both 2021 & 2022 we tried to add our activities to the national GBGW website but were only partially successful. 

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For 2023, some of us in Planet Shaftesbury are working to make more of Shaftesbury's GBGW participation. To ensure that local activities add to the sum total of activities nationwide. To engage with more people both in and around the town. To celebrate the continuing efforts of individuals, local families and groups, businesses and schools, churches and parish councils, and more. 

We're starting already. We're encouraging everyone who wants to give a boost to our collective community response to climate change and loss of biodiversity to join us. In order to help to prepare and coordinate multiple activities in a diverse programme for the week


We have a web site at Here you can see what we have planned. We are hoping that many people will want to run activities - see the "What we are doing" menu option for ideas and a list of things already planned.

If you would like to support this event, then please email your name (in the form you would like it displayed) to and we will add it to the "Supported by ..." list at the bottom of the home page. You are also invited to email in any comments or suggestions (see the web home page).

When an activity is finalised it'll be added to events on the Planet Shaftesbury website. Closer to GBGW in June, the whole programme for our area will be added to the national website (still in preparation).  

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