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May 14

16th May - Some questions answered? -


Edited: May 14

STRUCTURE of the group? -


An agreement needed about manning of incoming enquiries from enthusiastic, interested parties like me. Delay or non-responsiveness in replies can lose potential new members who could contribute much to the cause.





A group is needed in Gillingham. Anyone interested?





1. SHARE info/inspirations, etc with many people.

2. NETWORKING - though this is performed largely online it seems.

3. SENSE of belonging, direction, purpose, success, etc.






a. MYSELF - I want to share regarding the potential of 'stand local activism', to RAISE ENERGIES and get some serious activity galvanised.!

b. Also ME - I want to share my philosophy about DEATH, DYING and SUFFERING, which, I think we all must agree, is pertinent in the circumstances!

2. Receival of encouragement, recognition, 'comradeship', etc.



The FUTURE of the group? -


1. Form 'inner circles/smaller groups for getting to know folks better?

2. Establish a culture that refuses the p.c. fears and old-school means of 'social control'.

3. Dedication to EVOLVING from 'survival of the fittest' stone-age mentality, into a lifestyle of co-operation and compassion. EXPECT TO HAVE LESS and BE CONTENT WITH THAT.

a. Travel less by motors, especially by plane. Keep it minimal.

b. No Animal exploitation ( for food, sport, research, zoos, etc.

c. Consume sustainably. Repair, care, recycle, etc.

d. Use carts, bike buggies, etc for carrying loads ourselves. People power literally!

e. Well-being - STOP fearing death. No need - due to total interconnection. ( let me do my little talk about this?)

f. RESPONSIBILITY and community - the base for new politics.( This is another subject I would like to share at more length than here.



WELL!......Now you can't say you weren't warned! (smile).
















Thank you for these thoughts. I'll print them out so that they're with us at tonight's meeting even if you can't make it.

news! I have booked a taxi! AND I have made another post here on the forum this morning!


and thank you very much indeed for your idea of printing up my post. please do it still, as I would love a copy myself anyway, and it would save me having more explaining to do in person, than the stuff I already want to share!

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