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Contact our MP

This is an email group which anyone is welcome to join. We aim to encourage and empower one another by coordinating our regular efforts in contacting our MP. 


Our volunteer organisers support Planet Shaftesbury participants and a wider number of constituents from all over the North Dorset constituency, to make sure our voices are heard. Members of the group are recognised as having similar but distinct views and requests.

Each month our volunteer organisers provide topic suggestions with appropriate background information and links to further detail. Recipients who want to can choose a subject that interests them and share their connection to it with their local MP.

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Writing to or tweeting your MP:


Include your address in your message to verify that you are this MP's constituent. The more you can relate local and personal issues to these topics, the more seriously an MP is likely to take them. 


Try to convey how you are affected practically and/or emotionally by the topic. If you can relate the content of your message to your MP's interests, they are more likely to absorb the content.  Be polite and respectful if you want to be heard. You do not need to know the ins and outs of a particular parliamentary debate or Bill to write about the issues. However, do be careful not to make judgements or jump to conclusions not backed up by available information.

If you'd like to be involved, or to suggest a topic, please send a message to David Brown at

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