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Circularity: Sustainable Living, Sustainable Business

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Aiming for zero waste. Supporting local households and businesses to adopt more sustainable practices.

​This project page was set up in January 2022 to support all of us who want to live and work more sustainably. Circularity describes the way we need to think, keeping products and materials in use. The principle can be very widely applied (see ). We’re aiming to share our experiences, offer helpful information and pointers to local resources, and working together we may host talks, run workshops, and develop some of the facilities in Shaftesbury that have worked in other towns.

Main contact: Georgie Faulkner-Bryant.  or c/o planet shaftesbury

Georgie is passionate about sustainable fashion and runs the Myrtle & Marigold liquid soap refills business in the High Street. She also presents some sustainability content on This is Alfred

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Scope of the project


Current activity:  

With Shaftesbury School we are shaping events that will focus on UN Sustainable Development Goals and where sustainable living and working will be included. See separate project.

Previous activity:

  1. In March 2020, Plastic Free Shaftesbury hosted a town hall presentation from Dorset Waste Partnership – described in a blogpost.

  2. In 2021 we used local events that attract a crowd as places to showcase aspects of sustainable living eg. G&S Show, Shaftesbury Fringe. We expect to build on this in the years to come.

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