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Supporting Planet Shaftesbury

Supporting Planet Shaftesbury is a group of people who keep the website, newsletter and meetings going.

We welcome new members - whether temporarily if you want to shape part of a single meeting around a special topic, or on a continuing basis if you have ideas or skills relevant to convening engaging meetings, improving our website, supporting our newsletter or improving our use of social media.


The aim is that meetings should help individuals who are concerned about the climate and ecological emergency to connect with others so that they can make a real difference.

We want meetings that stay fresh but that continue to provide:

Group Discussion
  • newcomers with opportunities to connect with like-minded people

  • updates on the various projects and initiatives that have come from Planet Shaftesbury

  • support for making changes in our own lives

  • information on how to get involved in continuing local activities or groups that are of interest

  • chances to explore new ideas and get support for new and continuing initiatives

  • occasional sessions that increase our understanding of positive responses to the challenges we face – through an expert speaker, a film, or structured discussion

  • a mix of activities appropriate to the diverse and inclusive group that we are

From March 2020 the routine of monthly meetings was interrupted by Covid19 and we substituted weekly Zoom meetings. In March 2021 we have started to consider how this has affected our perception of the style of meetings we need. See Forum post from 20th March. To become involved in the practical support of the Planet Shaftesbury network in any way, please contact Christina at

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