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Shaftesbury Tree Festival - 23rd - 26th Sept 2021 (GBGW 2021)


In September 2021 the Shaftesbury Tree Festival took place.

The event was part of the Climate Coalition’s  Great Big Green Week. The Climate Coalition is over 140 organisations who are working together to ‘show our love for all things we want to protect from Climate Change.’ It is over 22 million strong and includes the National Trust, RSPB, Woodland Trust, WWF,  The Women’s Institute  and many more including Planet Shaftesbury.

Shaftesbury Tree Festival was a grassroots festival for each of us to celebrate the beautiful trees we have and the new trees and hedgerows that are being added through the Town Tree Plan 2020-25. 

Use the buttons below to navigate to some of the online exhibits which are still avalable, or enjoy our photo montage below taken at the live events

Montage of Photos and Posters from the Live Events

Tree Photo Exhibiton
Online Exhibition of Tree Photos

Photos for this online display kindly provided by Richard LLoyd and Martin Habell

Copyright 2021 Richard Lloyd and Copyright 2021 Martin Haball. All Rights Reserved.

Into the woods - Flash Fiction

Here are the wonderful submissions for 'Into the Woods', tree inspired flash fiction for the online Tree Festival.  Flash fiction is - as you might have guessed  - very short, highly crafted, narrative writing, just right for these Twittering times.


If you would like to contribute it's not too late! We have asked for 500 words or less. Send you contributions to: 

Read their contributions here:

Flash Fiction

Silva Circularis

Original music composed and perfromed by Shaun Bracey for the 2021 Tree Festival, and set to the beautiful paintings of Gary Cook

Music Copyright 2021 Shaun Bracey and  Paintings Copyright 2021 Gary Cook. All Rights Reserved.

Silva Circularis
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