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5G Apocalypse “The Extinction Event”
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Jun 11, 2019
Sooo, major UK cities go live with 5G in July... a massive 5G "experiment" takes place in Glastonbury festival, and prior to this technology being used for "information" it was originally developed as a weapons system. Touted as a "non lethal" anti protester, "we will only fry them a little" directed weapon. Sooo, all set up for total penetration soon, launching satellites loads at a time, to beam it down from space, no hiding place. So many satellites that the astronomers are complaining they wont be able to study the stars. No worries they are told, you can launch telescopes into space, so that you can study from there. We are told the night sky will never be the same, thousands of visible satellites there. And who's in control of all this, did we even get asked if we wanted it? Perhaps we were just distracted by "more pressing issues" with "more evidence" Or perhaps there was mainstream media, entertainment, or just too much to do just to survive.. Meanwhile we lost our privacy, our free speech, our right to protest, and much much more, social media algorithms can influence so much of users "content" and therefore their lives, Google will give you a result "suited" to what it knows about you (and it knows a lot) 5G is not just the next level, its "to the power of" its off the scale. If you care more about animals, or nature, then us poor humans, ...ok I dont want to detract from your commitment, but what is it going to do to nature? I have heard that they remove living things from near 5G emitters, probably because its quite shocking to see them wither and die. Here is some writing I did a quick search for (not Google, use something sensible please) If you stick to your social media, and corporate search engine, you are being steered, subtle maybe, but steered you are. Doesnt take much to move sheep, a little routine, some anxiety, this sort of thing is so well documented. So think about Milgram's experiments.. and a lot more have been done since then. (If you dont know about Stanley Milgram do please learn about that, it is more than essential.) And if you watch the video of that you could easily see it as prophetic, We are now living in Orwells 1984, we really are. The climate change we need to take MOST seriously, is the temperature of the water that we are slowly slowly being boiled in. A frog can be boiled alive and wont jump out of the water if it increases slow enough. Whereas we... are supposedly actually asking for more microwaves? Faster faster, more more, better... And for those of us that (pleeese) dont want them?.... Seen that video of protesters being fried by 5G yet? Time is not short, it is actually too late, and yet, what can be done?


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