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XR 'Paint the Streets Worldwide' 30th March.

Extinction Rebellion are opening their April campaigning with this 'Paint the Streets Worldwide' event, to 'cover the streets in XR messaging' from 30th March onwards. Rachel writes:

'Last night we agreed to have A4 posters widely spread through the town and beyond between March 30th and April 7th. These will raise awareness of the Extinction Rebellion, Planet Shaftesbury, and opportunities to get involved in the action in London (w/c 15th April) and Critical Mass walk/bike ride around Shaftesbury on 20th April. I envisage we might have up to a dozen different posters - some of which have yet to be designed.

I'm attaching images I have found on the web, text I've formatted from the XR website, and pictures from Phyllis. These are candidates for posters or inclusion in posters and I hope they give us a start. '

We will get these images to the Swans Trust office as soon as we can next week, but further suggestions are invited for us to add to these selections. When the time comes you can either print them yourselves or get them printed at Swans Trust for a few pence per sheet. The suggestion from Planet Shaftesbury is to put them in poly-pockets to keep them dry, rather than laminating (which would turn them eventually into undesirable plastic waste) and, as we do in these parts, put them up on telegraph poles, bus shelters etc.

I'll be working on a poster/flyer for our 'Critical Mass' event and will add that to the website as soon as it's ready.

Karen has added a link to a page of XR fly-poster links. It is:

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Richard Foreman
Richard Foreman
02 de abr. de 2019

Still time to get more posters placed around town (see Rachel's comment above), but here's a few that have gone up. Pity about the condensation on the Gilyard Scarth window, might try and get a better shot later in the week.

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