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Notes from the Waste Group

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

At the PS meeting on 1st February, four people got together to discuss issues relating to waste. Two of them are now unable to commit to the ongoing group, but of the remaining two Julia Markus has passed on these notes on what they've looked into so far. Lots of interesting possibilities for us here. If you'd like to get involved get in touch via the comment button, forum or email. Help is needed to get these initiatives under way.

We have done a little research on Wimborne which now has plastic free status. This accreditation is achieved through meeting criteria set out by Surfers Against Sewage. Businesses need to remove 3 x Single Use Plastics from use to become plastic free champions and there has to be work achieved with community groups, educating and rethinking. Also support from town council. More details here

Ideas from Wimborne ( just a few of many):

  • Most communication done through very active Facebook group which shares news of local initiatives, events such as litter picks, recycling days when people can bring in all sorts of waste to be recycled in different ways, champions, business initiatives etc. Lots of celebrating and sharing of good practice from town and elsewhere.

  • Need to make as many partners in community as possible: schools, churches, libraries, businesses, youth and community groups, council etc

  • Green Festival

  • Plastic Free Days

  • Find useful clips from films to keep reminding us of reasons for urgent action

Also need to make links with other organisations as well as Surfers Against Sewage, eg:

Litter free Dorset

Sustainable Dorset

Possible next steps:

  • Form group to decide objectives and next steps

  • Invite someone from Wimborne War on Waste( make sure someone from council also invited)

  • Invite someone to talk about exactly what happens to our recycling locally( make sure someone from council also invited)

  • Meet with businesses to discuss involvement

  • Find someone who’s happy to record and promote through FB site

  • Recycling bins round town

  • Repair/swop/share shop

Julia 19.2.19

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1 Comment

Richard Foreman
Richard Foreman
Mar 26, 2019

For personal reasons, Julia has been unable to continue the work outlined in this piece about the Waste Group. Has anyone else from that original grouping, or from subsequent discussion groups on this topic, been able to move any of this work forward? If so, let us know.

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