Shaftesbury Hedgehog Group

Shaftesbury is now a Hedgehog Friendly Town - one of over 30 towns and villages that have achieved this status in Dorset as part of the Dorset Mammal Group project to reverse the decline of hedgehog populations in Dorset.


Shaftesbury Hedgehog Group is working to help support our community to do as much as we can to make Shaftesbury into a hedgehog friendly habitat.


We do this by working with Dorset Mammal Group, Shaftesbury Homegrown to organise events, raising awareness and work with individuals and organisations to identify simple opportunities to make things a bit safer and more attractive to hedgehogs.

There's also an opportunity to help rescue and rehabilitation of injured or underweight hogs.

To find out more and keep up to date with hedgehog news, email

Shaftesbury Hedgehog Friendly Garden Competition

Hibernation season is coming up and to help our hedgehogs get the best possible chance this winter we are launching a competition for the best hedgehog friendly garden in Shaftesbury!


*Win a deluxe hedgehog house for your garden*


We want to know what you have done to make your garden hedgehog friendly

Extra marks awarded for imagination, practicality and collaboration!


Things you could include:

A wild area

Log piles, stick piles, leaf piles

A hedgehog house

Hedgehog gaps in fence lines

Working with hedgehog friendly neighbours

Not using slug pellets or other pesticides

A pond or other water source (make sure the pond has an escape route!)

A hedgehog feeding station (make sure you are only using appropriate foods, feeding the wrong things can be very harmful! – see

Gardening to attract lots of hedgehog food (insects, grubs and worms!)


Free to enter

Deadline for entries Friday 29th October



Download an entry form here:



Paper forms will also be available in town soon - keep an eye on the Planet Shaftesbury website for updates.

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