Dorset Council Documents

We're in a Climate & Ecological emergency: Show Dorset Council that you care. Submit a response to their Strategy and Action Plan, however brief.  There are helpful notes below including all the necessary links to the Dorset Council website.


This is an emergency: if you want Dorset to be carbon neutral by 2030 please also sign the petition


Dorset Council have now prepared a draft Climate & Ecological Emergency Strategy & Action Plan. You can review the whole strategy document from their website here:


Dorset Council is looking for feedback on their strategy document from local people before the end of 20th Jan, 2021. The total number of responses received will be used as a measure of how interested we are, please join in! You can either do a full response and give them comprehensive feedbakc Or do the 2 min short version links are here:

Help with Feedback

Our friends at Planet Purbeck and XR Wimborne have both produced a comprehensive user-friendly guide with possible responses to the open-ended questions in the online survey.  They have very kindly shared these with us and you can download them here:

The Planet Shaftesbury Response to Dorset Council

Planet Shaftesbury's collective response (17 contributors at meetings December 2020) is available here to download for your reference

Contact Dorset Council by Email

If you aren't able to complete the online survey then you can send your comments by email to  Antony Littlechild at