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   Dorset Climat Action Network

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Planet Shaftesbury is  part of the Dorset Climate Action Network (Dorset CAN) which came together in November 2020. This Dorset-wide network has a broad scope that embraces concern about the impact of climate change, the use and abuse of the Earth's resources, the loss of wildlife, and threats to social justice at global, national and local levels. It aims to stimulate awareness and to support action by people and local organisations as a complement to action by national government, Dorset's unitary councils, and other agencies. Network members include some town & parish councils, civil society organisations, regional groupings of relevant organisations, and individuals.


Any participants in Planet Shaftesbury can participate in Dorset CAN. Clearly, none of us can represent the views of Planet Shaftesbury as a whole without bringing questions back for local discussion, but that doesn't prevent active participation in discussions at Dorset CAN meetings and is a necessary part of our contribution. To receive information and invitations to Dorset CAN events please email their facilitator, mentioning Planet Shaftesbury, at You can connect with other Shaftesbury-based participants in Dorset CAN at any Planet Shaftesbury meeting or by emailing


An early action being undertaken collaboratively by Dorset CAN's members is the compilation of a considered and comprehensive response to Dorset Council's draft climate and ecological emergency strategy and action plan. The response will be submitted just before the end of the consultation period on 20th January 2021.

Links document relating to Dorset Council's Strategy including a help guide and the Planet Shaftesbury collective response can be found here:

DorsetCAN have finalised their response to Dorset Council's Climate Strategy and provided it as feedback.  You can view their final document here:


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